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Looking for a good position in the hospitality industry? Having trouble finding one? You're not alone. You might have a fabulous resume, but if you can't get it in front of the person who needs your skills right now, that resume is just a piece of paper.  A great resume won't pay the bills unless you have a strong list of potential employers to submit it to at the right time. Timing and a list of quality employers are critically important to finding the right position for you, and that's where we excel. Once your great resume has caught the attention of a prospective employer, then you have to go in for at least one interview. How well do you interview in person? Be honest. Your resume only opens the door. The interview is where you "close the sale". No matter how good you are at presenting yourself in an interview…our career coaches will make you better…for free.

Can you really afford to delay?

Reasons to Choose Culinaire Staffing:


Culinaire Staffing specializes in the placement the hospitality professionals. We pride ourselves in taking the time to learn about each candidate’s experience, accolades, and what they are most passionate about in hospitality. 

We focus on each candidate's career goals and then pair their talent with opportunity!

Our clients represent the top hospitality companies nationally and internationally from Hotels, Celebrity Chef’s, and the industry’s top growth concepts in upscale casual, fine dining, and quick service. 


No Cost To You - Our services are free for candidates. There is never a cost to you.


 Confidential - We will never present your information without your approval.


Personal Attention - You will be contacted by one of our career coaches and asked about your experience, achievements, strengths, and any areas you feel may need improvement in order to advance your career. We help you view yourself objectively because that is how a prospective employer will look at you.


Representation - Our client companies range from quick-service to fine dining, hotels, and resorts.

Our Goals - To place you with the best possible employer, and to have a long-term relationship with you throughout your career.


Interview & Career Coaching - Our team of career coaches will walk you through the entire process, from prepping you for the interview to helping you negotiate the best offer.

For more information on our services kindly email us at


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You receive dozens, possibly even hundreds of resumes a day when you advertise to fill a position. And most of those aren't professionally written. Can you honestly evaluate all of them? Of course not. That's where we come in.


We pre-screen every applicant and only send you the most qualified, saving you: Time, Money, and Headaches


Give us a call and we can start pairing talent

with your opportunity!

(661) 600-3020


Why Choose Culinaire for Your Staffing Needs:


Guarantee - Every candidate that you hire comes

with our guarantee.


Fully Qualified - Every candidate we send you will be fully qualified. You will receive a complete breakdown of their experience, certifications, and achievements.


Understanding - We understand the type of candidate you are looking for. We do the hard work. You enjoy the benefits.

We understand tough markets and bring your time to hire down significantly by:

-Cold calling

-Sourcing from your direct competition

-Our own nationwide database of candidates

  in all markets

-Seeking out passive candidates through social media and our own network


Partner - Think of us as your staffing partner, providing the right talent to mesh with

your business strategies.


Brand - We help build the integrity of your brand by only presenting you to qualified candidates.

For more information on our services kindly email us at

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